River Place on the Clinch, 2788 Highway 70, Kyles Ford, TN 37765
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Authentic Appalachia

Authentic Appalachia

My eyes are closed. All I can hear is the water softly roaring over the shoals at the bend in the river, interrupted by the occasional bird call and the sighing of wind through the trees overhead. I feel my muscles tensing, and feel a wild urge to squeal and giggle in anticipation of what I know comes next…the mad dash of bare feet over the soft grass and then…launch into the air, a split-second of flying before splashing into the cool waters of the Clinch.

Of course, it’s springtime here and I’m not about to launch myself into the still-chilly river. I open my eyes and, even though the trees are just beginning to bud and eager green shoots are pushing up through the flower beds, I still can’t shake how it felt to be a kid growing up in rural Southern Appalachia in the summertime. Maybe it’s the warm sun on my face giving its promise that the horrendous winter is finally breaking its hold, that summer is peeking around the blooming skirts of spring and that sometime soon I’ll be able to bring my own family here to enjoy the lazy, sunny river and chase fireflies on its banks in the twilight.

My name is Meghan Palmer. I'm an Appalachia CARES/AmeriCorps member. I don’t live in Hancock County anymore, although my parents still have their farm here. I have responsibilities, a home and a family and a life to maintain away from here. But it’s comforting to know that places exist in the backwoods where I can breathe the clean air, eat good food, play on the water and sleep soundly in a rustic cabin at the end of the day, feeling like my family is all wrapped up in the velvety Appalachian quilt that is the Smoky Mountain Foothills. One of these places is perched on Highway 70, and it’s called River Place on the Clinch.

Join Our Team!  River Place is looking for a few good servers to join our team this summer!  If you want to earn money for college or have student loan to pay back, you can earn a stipend and scholarship money at River Place.  Must have valid drivers license and reliable transportation.  Positions begin in May, so apply NOW!  Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for an application.


Kyles Ford: A Versatile Vacation Destination

Looking for a slower pace of life and the sweet peace of a front porch rocking chair?  River Place in Kyles Ford, Tennessee is the place to be!  Join us for a short getaway or a full fledged vacation!  Rent a Canoe, stay at a Cabin, pitch a tent in our river side Campground, eat at our Cafe, pick up your Bait for the big catch, or just relax on the Deck overlooking the river.

Nestled deep in the hills of East Tennessee, Kyle's Ford is the picture of serenity, and River Place will soothe your soul. Come experience the tranquility of the meandering Clinch River in the peacefulness of a secluded valley.

River Place on the Clinch is the hub of the Kyles Ford Preserve and TWRA's Kyles Ford Wildlife Management Area. Located along the Upper Clinch River and at the base of Clinch Mountain in beautiful and historic East Tennessee, River Place provides rewarding outdoor experiences for sportsmen and conservationists alike.

For those looking for something to do, hunting, fishing, swimming and other outdoor activities are available in the area. Or do nothing but sit on the porch and listen to the sounds of the wilderness in the solitude of a natural setting. A weekend or more at River Place on the Clinch promises an authentic experience of Southern Appalachia.

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River Place Cabin RentalsOur cabins and cottages are decorated with antiques, crafts, &  furnishings from our local area merchants.

You will find everything you need for a getaway, a day out with the family or a reunion with friends at River Place on the Clinch! We have fully furnished cabins for rent, located on the beautiful Clinch River in Kyles Ford.

Great rates for fully equipped cabins along the Clinch River!


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