Organizing a Group Float

Whether you are organizing a group from work, church, scouts, or simply bringing family and friends, there are certain steps you can follow to make your task more fun and less stressful.

  1. Call ahead for reservations and information. Please make your estimate of participants as accurate as possible.
  2. Provide all participants with a list of what to bring. Don’t worry if someone forgets something! The River Place Market has everything from sunscreen to ice for the cooler.
  3. Keep us posted on any major changes to your group size or needs. We understand your group numbers will constantly change. We simply ask you to keep us posted on any major changes, especially last minute changes. We are eager to work with you to make your job as organizer easier.
  4. Call us three days prior to your adventure to check river levels and weather forecasts. The Clinch is a free flowing river and levels are dependent on rainfall.
  5. Make sure everyone in your group has directions and an agenda. Cell phone service can be extremely limited or unavailable, so printed directions and pre-planning are recommended.
  6. Collect everyone's balance due so one payment may be made for your group as opposed to everyone paying separately upon arrival (this saves a lot of time).
  7. Have every individual sign our Waiver and Release Agreement prior to arrival. Any child (under the age of 18) must have our release signed by a parent or guardian.
  8. Upon arrival at River Place on the Clinch, check in with all release forms and payment. Be sure to arrive by your reserved time.
  9. HAVE FUN!